What is Coimbatore Pin code? 641001

Coimbatore Pin code is 641001. It's assigned to the Head Post office in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu State, India. Coimbatore Pin code is also referred to as a Coimbatore Zip Code or a Postal Code.

Coimbatore Pin code consists of six digits. The first digit "6" denotes Tamil Nadu's south postal zone, while the second digit "4" denotes the Coimbatore Division Western Region. The district of Coimbatore is represented by the third digit "1". The route in which the delivery office is located is represented by the fourth digit "0." The last two digits "01" stand for branch and delivery post offices.


coimbatore Pin code number is 641001



There is a total of 605 Pin codes in the Coimbatore district; most of them are in the city region while others are in the surrounding region of the district.

Here is the list of Coimbatore Pin codes with the corresponding Post offices

Coimbatore Post office Coimbatore Pin code
A.Nagore B.O 642205
Achipatti B.O 642002
Alagirichettipalayam B.O 642110
Alagumalai B.O 641665
Alancombu B.O 641302
Alandurai S.O 641101
Alathur B.O 641655
Aliyar Nagar S.O 642101
Allapalayam B.O 641653
Amandakadavoo B.O 642201
Amaravathi Nagar S.O 642102
Ambarampalayam S.O 642103
Ammapatti B.O 642205
Amritanagar S.O 641112
Anaikatti B.O 641108
Anaimalai S.O 642104
Andigoundanur B.O 642154
Andipalayam B.O 642120
Andipalayam B.O 641687
Angalakurichi S.O 642007
Annupapatti B.O 641664
Annur S.O 641653
Annur-mettupalayam B.O 641653
Anuppapalayam S.O 641652
Appanaickenpatti B.O 641402
Arasampalayam B.O 642109
Arasampalayam B.O 641604
Arasur S.O 641407
Arisipalayam B.O 641032
Athappagoundenpudur B.O 641103
Athipalayam B.O 641110
Athu Pollachi B.O 642103
Athukinathupatti B.O 642206
Avanash S.O 641654
Ayyankalipalayam B.O 641603
Belladi B.O 641104
Bellaipalayam B.O 641302
Bharathiyar University S.O 641046
Bhujanganur B.O 641113
Bilichi B.O 641019
Bodipalayam B.O 641105
Bodipatti B.O 642154
Bogampatti B.O 641658
CBE Mpl.Central Busstand S.O 641018
Chandrapuram B.O 641669
Chellappampalayam B.O 642207
Chennappachettipudur B.O 641659
Cherannagar S.O 641029
Chettipalayam S.O 641201
Cheyur S.O (Coimbatore) 641655
Chikkarampalayam B.O 641104
Chinna Negamam B.O 642120
Chinnakallar B.O 642106
Chinnappampalayam B.O 642104
Chinnavedampatti S.O 641049
Chinthamanipudur B.O 641103
Chittambalam B.O 641664
Cinchona East B.O 642106
Cinchona S.O 642106
Coimbatore Aerodrome S.O 641014
Coimbatore Bazaar S.O 641001
Coimbatore Central S.O 641018
Coimbatore Collectorate S.O 641018
Coimbatore Courts S.O 641018
Coimbatore Fort S.O 641001
Coimbatore H.O 641001
Coimbatore Industrial Estate 641021
Coimbatore Press Colony S.O 641019
Coimbatore Racecourse S.O 641018
Coimbatore Ukkadam S.O 641008
Coimbatore West S.O 641001
Commercial Tax Office
Building S.O
Dasanaicken Palayam B.O 642202
Dasanur B.O 641305
Deenampalayam B.O 641109
Deepalapatti B.O 642132
Devambadi B.O 642005
Devanampalayam B.O 641667
Devanurpudur B.O 642207
Devarayapuram B.O 642110
Devarayapuram B.O 641109
Devenampalayam B.O 642120
Dhaliyur B.O 641109
Dhully B.O 642112
Divansapudur B.O 642103
Doddampatti B.O 642205
Doddampatti B.O 641667
Eachanari B.O 641021
Edayapalayam B.O 641016
Edayarpalayam B.O 641025
Elavanthi B.O 641664
Elayamuthur B.O 642154
Ellapalayam B.O 641697
Elur B.O 641032
Eripalayam S.O 642126
Eripatti B.O 642205
Erisinampatti B.O 642207
Ettimadai B.O 641112
Ganapathipalayam B.O 642122
Ganapathipalayam B.O 642103
Ganapathy S.O 641006
Gandhi Market S.O 642001
Gandhimaanagar S.O 641004
Gandhinagar S.O 641603
Gandhinagar S.O
Gandhipuram S.O 641012
Ganesapuram B.O 641107
Ganganaickenpalayam B.O 641667
Giddampalayam B.O 641659
Gnanambika Mills S.O 641029
Golenpet B.O 641401
Gomangalam S.O 642107
Govt.College Of Technology 641013
Gudalur-coimbatore B.O 641047
Gudimangalam S.O 642201
High Forest B.O 642127
Ichipatti B.O 641668
Idigarai B.O 641022
Iduvampalayam S.O 641687
Iduvoi B.O 641687
Ikkarai Boluvampatti B.O 641109
Illuppapalayam B.O 641302
Irugur S.O 641103
Ittiveerampalayam B.O 641666
Iyerpadi S.O 642108
J.Krishnapuram B.O 641671
Jadayampalayam B.O 641302
Jakkarpalayam S.O 642202
Jakkirnaickenpalayam B.O 641109
Jalakarichal B.O 641658
Jallipatti B.O 642112
Jallipatti B.O 641671
Jothampatti B.O 642203
Jothipuram S.O 641047
K.Ayyampalayam B.O 641662
Kadampadi B.O 641401
Kadamparai Power House B.O 642101
Kadathur B.O 642203
Kaduvettipalayam B.O 641659
Kakkadavoo B.O 642120
Kalampalayam B.O 641010
Kalapatti S.O 641048
Kaliapuram B.O 642129
Kaliapuram B.O 642110
Kalingal B.O 641402
Kallampalayam Road B.O 641602
Kallapalayam B.O 641201
Kallapuram B.O 642102
Kallar B.O 641305
Kallipalayam B.O 641107
Kallivelampatti B.O 641662
Kamanaickenpalayam B.O 641658
Kamatchipuram B.O 641103
Kambalapatti B.O 642007
Kammalapatti B.O 641671
Kandegounden Salai B.O 641105
Kandiankoil B.O 641665
Kangayampalayam S.O 641401
Kaniyur S.O 642203
Kaniyur-palladam B.O 641659
Kanjampatti B.O 642003
Kanjapalli B.O 641653
Kannakkampalayam B.O 641666
Kannamanaickanur B.O 642154
Kannampalayam B.O 641402
Kanur B.O 641655
Kappalankarai B.O 642120
Karadibavi S.O 641658
Karamadai S.O 641104
Karamalai Bazaar S.O 642130
Karatholuvu B.O 642203
Karavalimadapur B.O 641668
Karavalur S.O 641670
Karegoundenpalayam B.O 641697
Kariampalayam B.O 641671
Karukkampalayam B.O 641654
Karukkankattupudur B.O 641654
Karukkankattupudur B.O 641601
Karumathampatti S.O 641659
Karunampathi B.O 641666
Karunyanagar S.O 641114
Karuppampalayam B.O 642004
Karuvampalayam B.O 641604
Kathankanni B.O 641604
Kattampatti B.O 642202
Kattampatti-coimbatore B.O 641107
Katturpalldam B.O 641667
Kavundampalayam B.O 641030
Kavundampalayam Colony S.O 641030
Keeranatham B.O 641035
Kettanur S.O 641671
Kinathukadavoo S.O 642109
Kodangipalayam B.O 641662
Kodingium B.O 642122
Kolarpatti B.O 642107
Kolumam B.O 642204
Komaralingam S.O 642204
Coimbatore S.O
Komarapalayam B.O 641669
Komarapalayam B.O 641653
Konavaikalpalayam B.O 641023
Kondampatti B.O 641202
Kondampatti B.O 642201
Kondayampalayam B.O 641110
Kondegoundenpalayam B.O 642120
Kongalnagaram B.O 642205
Korangumudi B.O 642127
Kothavadi B.O 642109
Kottaipalayam B.O 641110
Kottamangalam B.O 642201
Kovaipudur S.O 641042
Kovilpalayam S.O 642110
Krishnapuram S.O 642111
Krishnarayapuram B.O 641006
Krishnaswamy Nagar S.O 641045
Ksn Puram S.O 641662
Kumarnagar S.O 641603
Kumittipathi B.O 641032
Kuniamuthur S.O 641008
Kunnathurpudur B.O 641107
Kuppaipalayam B.O 641107
Kuppakonanpudur S.O 641038
Kuppandampalayam B.O 641654
Kuppanur B.O 641653
Kuppanur B.O 641010
Kuralkuttai B.O 642154
Kurichikottai S.O 642112
Kurumbapalayam B.O 642002
Kurumbapalayam B.O 641107
Kurunallipalayam B.O 641202
Kuttagam B.O 638462
Lakshmapuram B.O 642107
Lakshminaickenpalayam B.O 641658
Lawley Road S.O 641003
Madampatti B.O 641010
Madapur B.O 641664
Madathukulam S.O 642113
Madhvarayapuram B.O 641101
Madukkarai Cusba B.O 641105
Madukkarai S.O 641105
Mahadevapuram S.O 641305
Mahalinga Puram S.O 642002
Makkinaicken Patti S.O 642003
Malayadipalayam B.O 641669
Malayandipattinam S.O 642114
Malumichampatti S.O 641050
Manamboli B.O 642127
Mandiripalayam B.O 641671
Mangalakaraipudur B.O 641104
Mangalam S.O (Coimbatore) 641663
Mangarasavalayapalayam B.O 641655
Maniakarampalayam B.O 641006
Mannarai B.O 641607
Mannur B.O 642005
Manupatti B.O 642112
Manur B.O 641606
Mappillaigoundenpudur B.O 642005
Marapettai S.O 642001
Marappagoundenpudur B.O 642103
Marudamalai B.O 641046
Marudur B.O 641104
Maruduraiyanvalasu B.O 641604
chettipalayam B.O
Masthigoundenpathi B.O 641032
Mathipalayam B.O 641101
Medur B.O 641113
Meenakshipuram B.O 641032
Merkupathi B.O 638103
Metrathi B.O 642203
Mettubavi B.O 641202
Mettupalayam B.O 642110
Mettupalayam Bazaar S.O 641301
Mettupalayam H.O 641301
Minparai B.O 642101
Mohavanur B.O 642202
Moongiltholuvu B.O 642202
Moperipalayam B.O 641659
Mount Stuart B.O 642105
Mudalipalayam B.O 641606
Mudis S.O 642117
Munduvelampatti B.O 642206
Muriandampalayam B.O 641655
Murugali Bazaar B.O 642125
Muthanampalayam B.O 641606
Muthugoundenpudur B.O 641402
Muthur B.O 642109
Mylampatti B.O 641062
Myleripalayam B.O 641032
Myvadi B.O 642203
N.G.G.O Colony S.O 641022
N.G.M College S.O 642001
Nachipalayam B.O 641606
Nagammapudur B.O 641653
Naickenpalayam B.O 641020
Nallamudi B.O 642117
Nallannagoundanpudur B.O 642204
Nallattipalayam B.O 642109
Nallichettipalayam B.O 641653
Nallur B.O 641606
Nalluthukuli B.O 642005
Nambiampalayam B.O 641670
Nanjundapuram S.O 641036
Nanjundapuram-tadagam 641108
Naranapuram B.O 641664
palayam S.O
Narasipuram B.O 641109
Nathagoundenpalayam B.O 641664
Nathegoundenpudur B.O 641101
Navamalai Camp B.O 642101
Neelikonampalayam S.O 641033
Negamam S.O 642120
Nellithurai B.O 641305
Ngr Road S.O 641664
Nilambur B.O 641062
Nirar Dam B.O 642127
Odayakulam B.O 642129
Odayampalayam B.O 641028
Oddarpalayam B.O 641103
Odderpalayam B.O 641653
Old Valparai B.O 642127
Ondipudur S.O 641016
Othakkalmandapam S.O 641032
P&t Staff Quarters B.O 641011
P.Vadugapalayam B.O 641664
Pachapalayam B.O 641107
Paduvampalli B.O 641659
Palanigoundenpudur B.O 642002
Palapatti B.O 641305
Palarpathy B.O 642109
Palathurai B.O 641105
Palladam S.O 641664
Pallapalayam B.O 641663
Pallapalayam B.O 642112
Pallikalipalayam S.O 641665
Panapatti B.O 641201
Panickampatti B.O 641664
Pannimadai B.O 641017
Pannimade B.O 642127
Pappampatti B.O 641016
Pappanaickenpalayam S.O 641037
Pappanaickenpalayam West 641037
Pappanaickenpudur S.O 641041
Pappanampatti B.O 624622
Pappankulam B.O 641655
Pappankulam B.O 642204
Paralai B.O 642108
Paralipower House B.O 641104
Paruvoi B.O 641658
Pasur-avanashi B.O 641653
Pathanjalipuri B.O 641108
Pattampalayam B.O 638458
Pattanam B.O 641016
Pedappampatti S.O 642205
Peedampalli B.O 641016
Peelamedu East S.O 641004
Peelamedu S.O 641004
Periakallipatti B.O 641302
Periakomarapalayam B.O 642201
Periapatti B.O 642201
Periapodu B.O 642103
Periaputhur B.O 641697
Periya Kallar B.O 642106
Periyakuyilai B.O 641201
Periyanaickenpalayam S.O 641020
Periyayipalayam B.O 641654
Perumanallur S.O 641666
Peruntholuvu B.O 641665
Perur Chettipalayam B.O 641010
Perur S.O (Coimbatore) 641010
Pethanaickanur B.O 642134
Pichampalayampudur B.O 641603
Pichanur B.O 641105
Pilliappampalayam B.O 641653
Pillurdam B.O 641104
Pn Road S.O 641602
Podanur Newtown S.O 641023
Podanur S.O 641023
Pogalur S.O 641697
Pollachi Bazaar S.O 642001
Pollachi H.O 642001
Pollachi RS S.O 642001
Pollachi West B.O 642001
Pongalur S.O 641667
Pongupalayam B.O 641666
Ponnegoundenpudur B.O 641107
Poomalur B.O 641663
Poosaripatti B.O 642205
Poravipalayam B.O 642110
Pudupalayam B.O 642205
Pudupalayam B.O 641654
Pukkulam B.O 642154
Pulankinar S.O 642122
Pulavadi S.O 642206
Puliamarathupalayam B.O 641669
Puliampatti B.O 641658
Puliampatti B.O 642002
Puliyakulam S.O 641045
Puluvapatti B.O 641602
Puluvapatti B.O 641101
Pungamuthur S.O 642207
Purandampalayam B.O 641669
R.Ponnapuram B.O 642002
R.S.Puram East S.O 641002
R.S.Puram South S.O 641002
R.S.Puram West S.O 641002
Rakkiapalayam B.O 641654
Rakkipalayam B.O 641031
Ramachandrapuram B.O 642120
Ramanamudali Pudur B.O 642134
Coimbatore S.O
Ramanathapuram B.O 641670
Ramapattinam B.O 642005
Ramnagar Coimbatore S.O 641009
Ranganathapuram S.O 641654
Rasipalayam B.O 641402
Rathinapuri S.O 641027
Rathinasabapathy Puram H.O 641002
Ravanapuram B.O 642207
Ravathur B.O 641103
Reddiarur B.O 642007
Redfields S.O 641018
Rudrapalayam B.O 642204
S.Ayyampalayam B.O 641671
S.B.Institute S.O 641007
Sahs College S.O 641043
Saibaba Mission S.O 641011
Samalapuram B.O 641663
Samarayapatti B.O 642204
Samathur S.O 642123
Samichettipalayam B.O 641047
Saravanampatti S.O 641035
Sarkarkannadipudur B.O 642113
Sarkarpathi B.O 642133
Sarkarsamakulam S.O 641107
Seelakkampatti B.O 642205
Seeliyur S.O 641113
Seeranaickenpalayam B.O 641007
Selvapuram B.O 641026
Sembianallur B.O 641654
Semmandampalayam B.O 641668
Semmedu B.O 641114
Sengalipalayam B.O 641022
Senguttaipalayam B.O 642120
pudur B.O
Senjeri B.O 641669
Senjeriputhur B.O 641671
Sethumadai S.O 642133
Settiakkapalayam B.O 642120
Sheikalmudi B.O 642125
Sholayar B.O 642127
Sholayar Nagar S.O 642125
Siddanaickenpalayam B.O 641658
Siddhapudur S.O 641044
Singanallur S.O 641005
Singarampalayam B.O 642109
Sinnakallipatti B.O 641302
Sinnanavakkarai B.O 641105
Sinniampalayam S.O 641062
Sirukalandai B.O 642202
Sirukundra B.O 642127
Sirumugai S.O 641302
Sirupuluvapatti B.O 641603
Siruvani Adivaram B.O 641114
Sokkampalayam B.O 641653
Sokkanur B.O 638103
Sokkanur B.O 642109
Solamadevi B.O 642113
Solvampalayam B.O 642109
Somandurai S.O 642134
Somanur S.O 641668
Somayampalayam B.O 641108
Sowripalayam S.O 641028
Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya S.O 641020
Subarayanpudur B.O 641668
Subbegoundenpudur B.O 642103
Sugunapuram B.O 641008
Sukkampalayam B.O 641662
Sukrawarpettai S.O 641001
Sulakkal B.O 642110
Suleeswaran Patti S.O 642006
Sultanpet S.O 641669
Sulur S.O 641402
Sundakkampalayam B.O 638402
Sundakkampalayam B.O 642132
Sundakkamuthur B.O 641010
Sundapalayam B.O 641007
Sundarapuram S.O 641024
T.C.Market S.O 641604
T.Kottampatti B.O 642002
Tadagam S.O 641108
Talakarai B.O 641671
Tatabad S.O 641012
Tea Nagar B.O 641606
Tekkupalayam B.O 641020
Telungupalayam S.O 641039
Tenkarai B.O 641101
Thalakarai B.O 642005
Thalanar B.O 642105
Thamaraikulam B.O 642109
Thandukaranpalayam B.O 641655
Thathur B.O 642104
Thekkalur B.O 641654
Thekkampatti B.O 641113
Thenkumarapalayam B.O 642107
Thennamanallur B.O 641109
Therampalayam B.O 641697
Thimmankothu B.O 642005
Thimmanur B.O 641302
Thippampatti B.O 642107
palayam B.O
Thirumalayampalayam B.O 641105
Thirumurthi Nagar B.O 642112
Tholampalayam B.O 641113
Thomaspuram B.O 641654
Thondamuthur B.O 642123
Thondamuthur S.O 641109
Thonguttipalayam B.O 641665
Thoppampatti B.O 641017
Thulukkamuthur B.O 641654
Thumbalapatti B.O 642154
Thungavi B.O 642203
Tirumuruganpoondi B.O 641652
Tiruneelakandapuram B.O 641607
Tirupur Bazaar S.O 641604
Tirupur East S.O 641607
Tirupur H.O 641601
Tirupur North S.O 641602
Titipalayam B.O 641010
Topslip B.O 642133
Tudiyalur S.O 641034
Udamalpet Bazaar S.O 642126
Udamalpet East S.O 642126
Udamalpet H.O 642126
Udamalpet South S.O 642126
Udukkampalayam B.O 642207
Unjavelampatti B.O 642003
Upper Aliyar Dam B.O 642101
Uppilipalayam B.O 641670
Uppilipalayam S.O 641015
Uralpatti B.O 642204
Urulikkal B.O 642127
Uthukuli Zamin S.O 642004
V.Kallipalayam B.O 641664
V.Vadamalaipalayam B.O 641664
Vadakkalur B.O 641653
Vadakkipalayam B.O 642110
Kurudampalayam S.O
Vadambacherry B.O 641669
Vadasithur S.O 641202
Vadavalli S.O 641041
Vadavalli-karamadai B.O 641697
Vadavedampatti B.O 641671
Vadugankallipalayam B.O 641663
Vadugapalayam B.O 641654
Vadugapalayam B.O 642001
Vadugapalayam B.O 642205
Vadugapalayam B.O 641107
Vagatholuvu B.O 642202
Vaharayampalayam B.O 641659
Vaiyampalayam S.O 641110
Valavadi S.O 642132
Vallakondapuram B.O 642207
Vallipuram B.O 638103
Valparai S.O 642127
Valukkuparai B.O 641032
Vanjipalayam B.O 641663
Vavipalayam B.O 641666
Vavipalayamkettanur B.O 641671
Vazhai Thottam S.O 642127
Vedapatti B.O 642203
Vedapatti B.O 641007
Vedasanthur B.O 642007
Veerakeralam B.O 641007
Periyanaickenpalaya B.O
Veerapandi S.O (Coimbatore) 641605
Veerapandi-tadagam B.O 641108
Velampalayam 15 B.O 641652
Velampalayam 63 B.O 641663
Velandipalayam S.O 641025
Velappanaickenpalayam B.O 641669
Velayuthampalayam B.O 641654
Vellakinar B.O 641029
Vellalapalayam B.O 642120
Vellalapalayam Podanur B.O 641111
Vellalore S.O 641111
Vellamadai B.O 641110
Vellamalai B.O 642130
Vellanaipatti B.O 641048
Velliankadu B.O 641104
Vellonie B.O 642127
Vengitapuram B.O 641664
Venkatesa Mills S.O 642128
Venkitapuram B.O 641062
Vettaikaran Pudur S.O 642129
Vettuvapalayam B.O 641670
Vijayapuram S.O
Vilamarathupatti B.O 642207
Vilankurichi B.O 641035
Viraliyur B.O 641109
Virugalpatti B.O 642120
Vivekanandapuram B.O 641113
Water Falls Estate S.O 642105
Waverly B.O 642105
Zamin Kottampatti B.O 642123
Zamin Muthur S.O 642005



What is the Coimbatore Pin code number?

Coimbatore Pin code number is 641001 and it represents the head post office of Coimbatore district. There are 605 pin codes used in the district. Each post office in Coimbatore is given a pin code number. Few post offices share a common pin code, while most of them are assigned a unique Pincode.

After 1972 in Coimbatore, every mailbox was assigned a unique number, which allows for machine sorting of mail in the exact order of the mailboxes. They were originally initiated over forty years ago to reduce errors in sorting. Before that, each manual clerk needed to know which towns went to which location for sorting.

Coimbatore Postal system got more difficult as the population and the number of post offices grew. Sorting by hand, you had to think with each piece of mail, which takes much longer than sorting by number, as the first three numbers of the Pin Code told where sorting occurs. As mail sorting became more automated, this was the only way to make it efficient.


What is Pin code?

The Pin code is the system of postal codes used by the Indian Postal Service. The name PIN, an acronym for Postal Index Number, is written properly in capital letters and was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently, and therefore more quickly when senders use it. The basic format consists of 6 numerical digits, which allow a piece of mail to be directed to a more precise location within Coimbatore.


What is the history of Coimbatore PIN code?

More than 100 mail-carrying trains crisscrossed India, moving round the clock into virtually every village in the Coimbatore area. The Postal department in Coimbatore underwent many changes. The character, volume, and transportation of mail also changed.

The change in the character of the mail, the tremendous increase in mail volume, and the revolution in transportation, coupled with the steep rise in manpower costs, made adoption of modern technology imperative and helped produce the PIN Code

Shriram Bhikaji Velankar, an additional secretary in the Union Ministry of Communications, introduced the PIN code system on August 15, 1972. This is the beginning of the history of the Coimbatore Pin code. Karur district posts are sorted in Coimbatore Head post office and hence coimbatore post office plays an important role for distribution of posts of Karur in Tamil Nadu.


How does Pin code help Coimbatore Postal service?

Pin code helps to pre-sort mail by destination for speedier and more accurate delivery within Coimbatore.

The Pin code really speeds up your mail. It can help sort mail down to the side of a street, a floor in an apartment building, or a company.

The last line of an address should always be the city, state, and Pin code on one line. Don’t put the Attention line or other writing below that line.

For best results, type the address, and Coimbatore Pin code next to the post office name



What is the Coimbatore Peelamedu Pin code?

Peelamedu Pin code is 641004.

Peelamedu is a locality in Coimbatore's eastern district. Coimbatore Municipal Corporation is in charge of it. A railway station and a Regional Passport Center are both located in Peelamedu. The Peelamedu Police Station is directly across the street from the Fun Republic Mall. The principal airport servicing Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is Coimbatore International Airport. Peelamedu is within the city limits.


What is the Coimbatore airport pin code?

Coimbatore Airport Pin code is 641014.

The principal airport serving the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India is Coimbatore International Airport. It's in the Peelamedu neighborhood, around 10 kilometers from the city centre


What is the Coimbatore Vadavalli pin code?

Coimbatore Vadavalli pin code is 641041.

Vadavalli is a residential area in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Since 2007, it has been under the control of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation on the Marudamalai Road.


What is Coimbatore Ramanathapuram pin code?

Coimbatore Ramanathapuram pin code is 641045.

Ramanathapuram is a neighborhood of Coimbatore, located in the city's south-eastern section. It is primarily a residential neighborhood with a few nearby commercial facilities, educational institutions, and small businesses. It has been a part of the Coimbatore Corporation since 1882 and is one of the city's well-developed areas.


What is Coimbatore pin code list?

Coimbatore pin code list consists of 605 Pin codes in total. Please check the list of Pin codes given above.


What is Coimbatore Selvapuram pincode?

Coimbatore Selvapuram Pin code is 641026; it comes under Komarapalayam postal head office.


What is Edayarpalayam Coimbatore pin code?

Edayarpalayam Coimbatore Pin code is 641025


What is Coimbatore Ondipudur Pin code?

Coimbatore Ondipudur Pincode is 641016

Ondipudur is a popular residential neighborhood in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located in the city's south-eastern section. It has been a part of the Coimbatore Corporation since 1981 and is one of the city's well-developed areas.


What is Coimbatore Ukkadam Pin code?

Coimbatore Ukkadam pin code is 641008.

Ukkadam is a neighborhood in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, which is part of the Town hall neighborhood. This neighborhood is home to the Ukkadam bus station, one of the city's seven major bus stations. The Fish Market and the Jackfruit Market are two of Ukkadam's most well-known attractions.


What is Coimbatore Malumichampatti pin code?

Coimbatore Malumichampatti pin code is 641050

Malumichampatti (sometimes spelled Malumachampatti) is a Tamil Nadu residential village in the Coimbatore-South taluk of the Coimbatore district. It is located on US Highway 209. It is part of the Kinathukadavu Legislative Constituency and is a village panchayat.


What is Coimbatore Kavundampalayam Pin code?

Coimbatore Kavundampalayam Pin code is 641030.

Kavundampalayam (also know as Goundampalayam) is a neighborhood in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located 6 kilometers north of the city centre, within the Coimbatore Corporation. Goundampalayam is located on Coimbatore's Mettupalayam Road, which is one of the city's major thoroughfares. The town had an estimated population of 83,908 people in 2011.


What is Coimbatore Kuniyamuthur Pin code?

Coimbatore Kuniyamuthur Pin code is 641008.

South Coimbatore includes Kuniyamuthur. In the south, it's around 6 kilometers from Coimbatore's city centre. Kuniyamuthur is also known as Kuniamuthur and Kunimattoor. It is one of the city's busiest markets. It's on Palakkad Road, one of Coimbatore's major thoroughfares.


What is Coimbatore Podanur Pin code?

Coimbatore Podanur Pin code is 641023.

Podanur, also known as Podanoor or Pothanur, is a neighborhood in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Its history dates back to the British colony's establishment of a significant railway station. Even before Chennai Central, the station was an important hub and has been operational since 1862.


What is Coimbatore Rathinapuri Pin code?

Coimbatore Rathinapuri Pin code is 641027.

Rathinapuri is a residential neighborhood in the Tamil Nadu city of Coimbatore. Gandhipuram to the south, Sivananda Colony to the west, and Ganapathy to the north and east define the boundaries of Rathinapuri.


What is Coimbatore Kalapatti Pin code?

Coimbatore Kalapatti Pin code is 641048.

Kalapatti is a Coimbatore neighborhood in Tamil Nadu, India. It is located 17 kilometers northeast of the city limits. Kalapatti is now a part of the Corporation of Coimbatore. There has been a quick improvement in and around Kalapatti as a result of an increase in information technology (IT) companies such as Peelamedu, Hope College, and Saravanampatti.


What is Coimbatore Neelambur Pin code?

Coimbatore Neelambur Pin code is 641062



Coimbatore Pin code is 641001. There are 605 pin code locations around the Coimbatore district. These pin codes help the postal department to sort and deliver mails quickly within the district.  Hope you have found this blog article helpful. If you have any questions, you can send feedback to mykarur.com@gmail.com . This article is published by MyKarur

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