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Mykarur guides you with complete details of the Karur district in Tamil Nadu state, India. We provide details starting from the History of Karur, till the present formation of Karur city.


location of karur district in tamil nadu map


Karur district is one of the 38 districts of Tamil Nadu state in India. It’s locally called ‘Karur Mavattam’ in Tamil Language and it covers an area of 3,022 Square Kilometres. Tamil is the native language for people living here. As per the 2011 census, the population in Karur is 10,64,493.

Karur district consists of 7 Taluks, and Karur taluk is the district headquarters. This district is located exactly at the center of Tamil Nadu state. It consists of both rural and urban areas; of which the major portion is semi-urban. " MyKarur is the Brand Name for Karur ", which provides complete details about the Karur district.


Karur in Tamil Nadu has a very strong and deep root in the History of Tamils. It was an important trading center during the Sangam literature period. Karur is a part of Kongu Nadu – where most of the people living here; involved in Agriculture and Farming activities. The Chola kings who ruled Karur during the 7th Century built Pasupatheesvarar Temple - the first and foremost of the seven Siva shrines of Kongu Nadu.

The developed and urban area of Karur taluk is called Karur City. During British rule, Karur was a taluk in Tiruchirappalli district and then it was declared as a district; that forms the present Karur city with the surrounding taluks.


Let's further look into the important facts about Karur in Tamil Nadu below


What is Karur?

Karur is a district and city in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It's named after Karuvurar Siddhar, who lived here around the 10th century. Karur is famous for home textiles products and is hence called the textile city of India. Tamil is the native language for people living here. It is 82 kilometre in distance from Trichy, 131 Km from Coimbatore, 381 Km from Chennai, 143 Km from Madurai district. It’s in the center of Tamil Nadu state.

Karur district History

Karuvurar siddhar of karur district history


Karur got its name from Karuvurar Siddhar, a famous Siddhar and one among 18 Siddhas who lived in Tamil Nadu. He guided the installation of the great Siva Lingam in the Thanjai Peruvudaiyar temple at Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu.

Karur district is one of the oldest towns in Tamil Nadu state and has played a very significant role in the history and culture of Tamilnadu. Its history dates back over 2000 years and has been a flourishing trading center even from the early Sangam period.

In ancient and medieval times, Karur was ruled by the Cheras, Pandiyas, Cholas and was the capital of Cheras. The Pasupatheesvarar Temple sung by Thirugnana Sambhandar, in Karur was built by the Chola kings in the 7th century.

Later, the Nayakars followed by Tipu Sultan also ruled this district.

Karur in British rule

The British added Karur to their possessions after destroying Karur Fort during their war against Tipu Sultan in 1783. There is a memorial at Rayanur near Karur for the warriors, who lost their lives in the fight against the British in the Anglo-Mysore Wars. Thereafter, it became a part of British India and was part of the Coimbatore district.

Karur was in the Coimbatore district, the ancient Kongu country, but in the year 1910, the British added it to the Trichy district.

Formation of Karur district

Karur was initially a part of the Coimbatore district which is called Kongu Nadu. In 1910, it became a part of the Tiruchirappalli district.

On 30th September 1995 Saturday, Karur district was formed by separating it from Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu. In 2001, the district consisted of 4 taluks; Karur, Aravakurichi, Kulithalai, and Krishnarayapuram.

Kulithalai taluk was divided into two taluks namely Kulithalai and Kadavur taluks. In 2011, there were 5 taluks in the district. The news about this district is published in local Tamil Newspapers.

Karur district map

Karur district map shows the district is bounded by:
Tiruchirappalli district on the east.
Namakkal district on the north.
Dindigul district on the south.
Tiruppur district on the west.


karur district map


Karur district map is divided into 5 boundaries based on 5 taluks:

The lists of taluks in Karur district in Tamil Nadu are

  1. Karur taluk
  2. Aravakurichi taluk
  3. Kadavur Taluk
  4. Kulithalai Taluk
  5. Krishnarayapuram TalukThere are 189 villages in the Karur district. For more details check Karur district villages list

Karur Pin code


Karur Pin code starts from 639001, it is the pin code for the head post office in Karur district This office will be the head for all the pin codes in Karur city. There are 3 post offices with 639001 Karur Pincode

There are 248 post offices with shared or unique pin codes in the district. Few of the Karur pin codes are shared among the same post offices in the Karur district.

For example, pin code 639004 of Pasupathipalayam Karur post office and Gandhigramam Karur post office are the same.

All 248 post offices report to Karur head post office. Click Karur pin code to view a complete list of post office names and pin codes in the district.

karur vysya bank kvb customer care number


Karur Vysya bank is known as KVB. Karur Vysya Bank was set up in Karur district in 1916. It was started by two great visionaries and illustrious sons of Karur, the Late Shri M A Venkatarama Chettiar, and the Late Shri Athi Krishna Chettiar.

KVB provides financial support to the traders and agriculturists in and around Karur, a textile town in Tamil Nadu.

Together they mopped up the initial capital of Rs. 1 Lakh to begin a business on 1st July 1916. Since then the bank has grown from strength to strength to emerge as one of the leading banks in the country.

The bank is professionally managed by the Board of Directors who, with their vision, experience, knowledge, and business acumen guide the bank. The Bank has spread its wings across the country with 782 branches in 20 States and 3 Union Territories.

KVB Customer Care number - Karur Vysya bank customer care is given below

LocationPhone number
Within India1860 258 1916
Outside India+91-44 – 66217600

Check kvb Customer Care number for more details

Temple in Karur district

temple in karur


Karur district has many big and old temples. These temples are among the best pilgrimage centers with magnificent sets of sculptures and architecture.

Temples in Karur not only reflect the religious domain of the district but its artistic skills as well.

Some of the famous temples in this district are as follows:-

Karur pasupatheeswarar temple / Karur Sivan temple

karur pasupatheeswarar temple

Karur town is one of the seven sacred sthalams (place) of Siva Temples and is well known for its famous Pasupatheeswarer Temple. The group of sculptures representing Pasupatheeswaralingam as high as five feet, bathed by the milk of a cow and Rangamatha is noted for sculptural beauty. This is the biggest Sivan temple in Karur and is Located in the heart of Karur town.

Sri Kalyana Pasupathinathar Temple, devoted to Lord Siva in the form of Pasupathinathar. This temple is considered, the first and foremost of the seven Siva shrines of the Kongu region.


Thanthonimalai temple Karur

Kalyana Venkattaramasami temple is the name of the temple in Thanthonimalai Karur. Its commonly called as Thanthonimalai temple in the Karur district.

The Kalyana Venkattarama sami temple at Thanthoni, about five km from Karur is one of the most popular temples in the district.

The shrine of the Lord is situated on a raised portion of a hillock. The temple is also known as Then (south) Tirupathi.


Karur Mariamman temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the most important temples in Karur. This temple, situated towards the center of Karur, is the 2nd largest Amman temple in Tamil Nadu.

The most auspicious occasion at Sri Mariamman temple is the annual festival which is held during the month of May. In this festival, ‘Kumbam’ is brought out of the Amman temple, is carried to river Amaravathi, then lowered to the river bed with due respect.

This festival is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety regardless of religion and caste at Karur

Karur tourist places


Karur tourist places


Karur Government Museum is an important tourist attraction place. Karur has had a golden history and had some powerful rulers ruling over Karur from the Cheras and Cholas to the British Empire.

Karur museum exhibits the various artifacts of those times. The excavations that took place three times found various coins, precious stones, gems, iron pieces, etc of the Romans and the Cholas.

A list of other tourist places in Karur are given below

  • Mayanur - Kaveri bed regulator, Dam, and River Side Park
  • Chettipalayam - Amaravathi bed regulator, park
  • Tirumukkudalur - Kaveri, Amaravathi, and Noyyal rivers coincide here
  • Nerur - Sacred mut, Meditation, River Side Park
  • Kadavur - Ponnaniyar dam, park
  • Manthirikonpatty

Karur bus stand

There are 3 bus stands in Karur Tamil Nadu. They are

  1. Karur central bus stand.
  2. Karur Mini bus stand
  3. Thiruvalluvar bus stand.

karur bus stand

Karur central bus stand

Busses from all districts come to Karur central bus stand. There are 2 entrances to this bus stand. Both the entrance faces east direction.

Dindigul, Madurai, Trichy busses enter into the southeast entrance. Salem, Erode, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Dharapuram, Pollachi busses use northeast entrance to enter the Karur bus stand.

There is only one exit from the bus stand, which is in the west of the bus stand. Most of the theatres in Karur are located nearby this bus stand


Karur Mini bus stand

Small minibusses which connect within the city limit use this mini bus stand. Minibus stand is just next compound of the Karur central bus stand.

Its located north of the central bus stand.


Thiruvalluvar bus stand

Out of the 3 bus stands Thiruvalluvar bus stand is now not in use and is converted to a playground. (Municipal Thiruvalluvar Playground). Buses no longer come to this bus stand.

Karur mavattam and karur city

Karur mavattam has both rural and urban areas. The urban place of Karur mavattam is called Karur city.

Karur city mostly covers a 2-kilometer radius around Karur central bus stand. This is where most of the home textiles units are present.

Here is the list of 7 Taluks in Karur District ( Karur Mavattam )

  1. Karur taluk
  2. Aravakurichi taluk
  3. Kadavur Taluk
  4. Kulithalai Taluk
  5. Krishnarayapuram Taluk
  6. Pugalur
  7. Manmangalam

Out of the 7 taluks, the Karur taluk can be called the city part of Karur mavattam. This is where most of the Karur cinemas, hospitals, home textile units, government offices, colleges, and schools are present.

The Karur district court, SP office, Karur collectorate, and RTO offices are located in the Thanthonimalai area, within the Karur city limit.

Karur medical college

Karur medical college

Government medical college Karur popularly known as Karur medical college is a government institute. The short name of this institute is GMC Karur. This is the only medical college in the Karur district and was established in the year 2019.

This college is affiliated with Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai. It’s approved by the Medical Council of India. MBBS is the UG course offered in Karur medical college. This is one of the famous hospitals in Karur. Apollo Hospital in Karur is the largest private hospital in this district.

It has a Hostel facility. This medical college intakes150 students per academic year. The duration of the MBBS course is 4 and half years, Plus a one-year internship.

Address of the Karur medical college:
Government Medical College Hospital, Sanapiratti Village, Gandhigramam North, Karur district, pin code- 639004, Tamil Nadu

Karur house for rent

karur house for rent


Mykarur helps you to find a rent house in the Karur district quickly without much effort.

You can directly contact the house broker and provide him, your expected facilities in the house which you are looking for rent.
Rent house brokers in Karur will help you to find the best house as per your needs.

If you are looking for a Karur house for rent,  then here are the types of houses in Karur

  1. Independent House / Villa with garden and parking.
  2. Residential Apartment house with 20 families staying in each apartment house.
  3. Independent / Builder Floor house
  4. Studio Apartment house
  5. Farm House in semi-urban places of Karur district.


Serviced Apartments house suitable for middle-class families. You can get a Karur house for rent with the following amenities:

  • Clear surroundings
  • Parking facility
  • Power Backup
  • Security Personnel
  • Lift
  • Park near by house
  • Gymnasium
  • AC Room
  • Wheelchair Friendly
  • Pet Friendly houses
  • Food Service
  • Wifi internet facility
  • Laundry services.

Below are the locations in which Karur house for rent are available

  • Gandhigramam North and south
  • Thanthonimalai block Karur
  • Sengunthapuram Karur,
  • Karur pasupathipalayam,
  • Karur ramanuja nagar,
  • Neelimedu
  • LGB Nagar, Karur city
  • Jawahar Bazaar, near Karur bus stand
  • Puliyur Near cement factory Karur

Rent house in Karur

rent house in karur


Rent house in Karur district is available in various sizes. Mykarur guides you to find a rent house based on the number of bedrooms.  Starting from 1BHK (one Bedroom, Hall, and kitchen) to 5BHK (5 bedrooms, hall, and kitchen) are available.

You can select rent house with or without balcony according to your needs. Rent house with Puja room facility. Rent house in Karur based on Carpet Area the net usable floor area in the house.

Rent house in Karur are commonly available in below places

  1. Gandhigramam, Trichy road of Karur.
  2. Thanthonimalai, Dindigul district road
  3. Neelimedu
  4. Sengunthapuram Karur, in city area limit
  5. Karur pasupathipalayam, old Trichy road
  6. Karur ramanuja nagar,
  7. LGB Nagar, Karur town
  8. Jawahar Bazaar, central karur
  9. Puliyur, Trichy road

    Karur house rent

    Karur house rent will vary from 4,000Rs to 12,000Rs. Both furnished and semi-furnished houses are available in these areas.

    You can find your desired house with the help of rent house brokers in Karur.

Karur rent house

karur rent house

Karur rent house is available with the following facilities:

  • Furnished status
  • Unfurnished,
  • Semi-Furnished conditions
  • Water Availability

Tenants Preferred for rent house in Karur are:

  • Family
  • Single Men
  • Single Women
  • Tenants with Company Lease
  • Entrance Facing North direction
  • Rent house with nearby schools, colleges, government offices is available in Karur.
  • They have parks, gardens and can be accessed to the main road easily.

Facilities in rent houses are Reserved Parking, Air Conditioned and RO Water System

House for rent Karur

House for rent Karur are readily available in the following areas of Karur district:

  • Gandhigramam
  • Thanthonimalai
  • Sengunthapuram
  • Karur pasupathipalayam,
  • Karur ramanuja nagar,
  • Neelimedu
  • LGB Nagar
  • Jawahar Bazaar
  • Puliyur

You can find Rent house brokers in Karur

Karur house for sale

karur house for sale

Mykarur helps you to find the house for sale in Karur within the city and outside the city limit. If you don’t have time to build a house, you can buy the built house, which is available for sale in the Karur district.

Generally, the price for house sales in Karur ranges from 10 lakhs, 20 lakhs up to 1.5 crores.

Such pre-built houses are available throughout the Karur district.

Most significantly such house for sale are available in

  • Karur thanthonimalai,
  • Karur vengamedu,
  • Karur Gandhigramam,
  • Sengunthapuram Karur,
  • Karur pasupathipalayam,
  • Karur ramanuja nagar,
  • Near Karur bus stand.

Resale houses are also available in the above places. House brokers in Karur can easily help you to buy these houses. You can find more details of a house for sale in Karur at Karur Classifieds.

House brokers in Karur

house brokers in karur

There are many brokers and agents in Karur.

Mainly there are two types of brokers or agents in Karur.

Real estate brokers also called real estate agents

House brokers in Karur are also called house agents in Karur.

Rent house brokers in Karur will help you to find houses in popular places like gandhigramam, pasupathipalayam, sengunthapuram, karur lgb nagar, thanthonimalai, anna nagar, vengamedu, rayanoor.

Many people living outside the Karur district find it difficult to buy houses and real estate land in Karur district. Brokers and agents in the Karur district help such people to search and buy houses or find rent houses or buy real estate land in Karur district.

Brokers generally take commission or fees after providing services to buy/sell or find rent house or land in Karur.

Real estate in Karur

real estate in karur

Buying land or property is called real estate. Real estate in Karur mainly is through housing plots, agricultural land, and buying property like houses. Buying agricultural lands happens outside Karur city and more precisely outside Karur taluk. Karur Real Estate is the official website for real estate services in Karur.

Agriculture lands for real estate are available in the following taluks of the Karur district:

  • Aravakurichi taluk,
  • Kadavur taluk,
  • Kulithalai taluk,
  • Krishnarayapuram taluk.

House plots and pre-constructed houses are mostly sold in Karur taluk of Karur city limits.

House plots and houses are sold in the following places within Karur city limit:

  1. Gandhigramam
  2. Thanthonimalai
  3. Sengunthapuram
  4. Karur pasupathipalayam
  5. Karur ramanuja nagar
  6. Neelimedu
  7. LGB Nagar
  8. Jawahar Bazaar
  9. Puliyur

The real estate price in Karur varies based on demand. The real estate price fluctuation will not be as much in cities like Chennai or Coimbatore. But there will be a steady rise and fall in Karur's real estate price. Plot sale in Karur and land sale in Karur are the main factors that determine the real estate in Karur.

The brokers are the persons who guide general people to invest in properties, Karur real estate brokers help you to buy/sell properties in Karur.


Frequently asked questions


What is meant by Karur?

Karur is the name of a district in Tamil Nadu state of India. Karur is located at the center of Tamil Nadu. Karur got its name from Thiru. Karuvurar Siddhar, who was one of the famous 18 Siddhars, lived in Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the native language of people living in Karur.  Karur is also called as Karur mavattam, Karur city and Karur town.


What is Karur district?

Karur district is one of the famous districts in Tamil Nadu state of India. On 30th September 1995, Karur was declared as a district of Tamilnadu. This district is located exactly in the center of Tamil Nadu state. Karur district is 381 kilometers in distance from Chennai and 370 kilometers from Kanyakumari, thus becoming the center of Tamil Nadu state. Karur district has its own administration and is governed by officers in the following designation:

  1. District Collector
  2. District Revenue Officer
  3. Superintendent of Police
  4. Project Director, DRDA.

Karur district has its own court called Karur district court.


What is Karur Mavattam?

Karur Mavattam is the local name for the Karur district in Tamil Nadu. The native language of Karur is Tamil. District means Mavattam in Tamil. So Karur district is called as Karur Mavattam. Karur Mavattam consists of 2 municipalities, 7 Taluks and 203 villages.


What is Karur city?

Karur city is in the Tamil Nadu state of India. Karur city is the casual name for urban places of Karur district. Karur city roughly covers 2 kilometres surrounding from Karur bus stand. This is where most of the hospitals, schools, Shopping malls, theatres are present. As Karur city is a casual name, it doesn’t have exact boundaries. Karur city comes within Karur taluk of Karur district.


What is the famous of Karur?

Karur is famous for the following:

  1. Drumstick vegetable cultivation.
  2. Banana Plantation, ICAR- National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) is located at the border of Karur and Trichy districts.
  3. Vanagam - Nammalvar Ecological Foundation initiated by Thiru. Nammalvar.
  4. Many famous big and old temples are in Karur.
  5. Karur Vysya bank.
  6. Mosquito net production.
  7. Handloom and home textile products.
  8. Bus bodybuilding companies.


In which district is Karur?

Karur itself is a district and one among 38 districts in Tamil Nadu state, India.
Karur is a district since 30th September 1995.
Karur was part of the Coimbatore district which is called Kongu Nadu during the initial stage of British rule.
Later in 1910, it was separated from the Coimbatore district and was made a part of the Tiruchirappalli district.


What food is famous in Karur?

The most famous food in Karur is clay pot cooked food.
It’s locally called Manpaanai Samayal food.
Recipes like chicken gravy, Mutton gravy, chicken biryani, mutton biryani cooked in Manpaanai samayal are very famous in Karur.
It’s a traditional way of cooking food in Clay or Mud pot.
There are many restaurants in Karur that cook Manpaanai samayal.
Most of these restaurants are located in Karur National Highways 44 (NH 44) - the longest highway in India.


Who is the current collector of Karur district?

Dr.T.Prabhushankar I.A.S is the collector of Karur district as of June 2021.
To know the current collector of Karur district please visit current Karur district collector
Karur district administration is headed by the Karur district collector.
The office of collector also know as collectorate and is located in Thanthonimalai main road near Karur district court campus.


What should I buy in Karur?

As Karur is a city of home textile products, you can buy
Bedsheets, Curtains, Table cloth, Towels
Handbags made by handloom.
Mosquito Nets of various sizes.
Bananas and drumstick vegetables.
Edible oils - like coconut oil, sesame oil, and groundnut oil.


Who is the MLA of Karur?

Thiru.Senthilbalaji. V. is the MLA (Members of Legislative Assembly) of Karur.
He is also the Tamil Nadu state Minister for Electricity, Prohibition & Excise, Non-Conventional Energy Development, Molasses.
Constituency: 135 Karur
Party Name: DMK
Email Id: [email protected]


How many taluks are there in the Karur district?

There are 7 taluks in Karur district. They are

  1. Karur taluk
  2. Aravakurichi taluk
  3. Manmangalam taluk
  4. Pugalur taluk
  5. Kulithalai taluk
  6. Krishnarayapuram taluk
  7. Kadavur taluk


How many villages are there in Karur district?

There are a total of 203 villages in Karur district. These are called revenue villages.
The number of villages in each taluk of Karur district is given below:
Karur taluk: 22 villages
Aravakurichi taluk : 40 villages
Manmangalam taluk : 21 villages
Pugalur Taluk: 27 villages
Kulithalai taluk : 45 villages
Krishnarayapuram Taluk : 25 villages
Kadavur Taluk : 23 villages
Total villages in Karur District: 203


When was the Karur district formed?

On 30th September 1995 Saturday, Karur district was formed by separating it from Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu.
During British rule, till 1910 Karur was a Taluk and was a part of Kongu Nadu Coimbatore.
In 1910 Karur taluk was separated from the Coimbatore district and was included in the Trichy district.
The Karur taluk was later separated from Tiruchirappalli district and formed as Karur district on 30th September 1995.


What is called Karur Day?

30th September 1995 is called Karur Day. This was the day in which, Karur district was formed after separating Karur taluk from Trichy district of Tamil Nadu state, India.


Is Karur rural or urban?

Karur district has both rural and urban areas.
The urban area in Karur district will be the Karur taluk, out of the total 7 taluks in Karur district.
The urban area in Karur taluk will be called the Karur city.
The rural area in Karur will be in 6 taluks (Aravakurichi taluk, Kadavur taluk, Krishnarayapuram taluk, Kulithalai taluk, Manmangalam taluk, Pugalur Taluk.) of Karur district.


How many constituencies are there in Karur?

There are 4 MLA constituencies and 2 Parliament constituencies in Karur.

The 4 MLA constituencies are:

  1. Aravakaurichi 134 - Thiru.Elango. R - DMK - MLA Aravakurichi.
  2. Karur 135 - Thiru.Senthilbalaji. - DMK - MLA Karur.
  3. Krishnarayapuram (SC) 136 - Tmt.Sivagama Sundari. K - DMK - MLA Krishnarayapuram.
  4. Kulithalai 137 - Thiru.Manickam. R - DMK - MLA Kulithalai

The 2 Parliament constituencies are:

  1. Karur 23 - Ms.S. Jothimani - Indian National Congress
  2. Perambalur 25 - Dr.T.R. Paarivendhar - DMK


How many unions are there in the Karur district?

There are 8 Panchayat union blocks in Karur district, they are

  1. Karur
  2. Thanthoni
  3. Aravakurichi
  4. K.Paramathi
  5. Kulithalai
  6. Krishnarayapuram
  7. Kadavur
  8. Thogaimalai


How do I get to Karur?

You can get to Karur by bus, train or flight. Its 381 KM from Chennai and 81 KM from the Tiruchirappalli district.
If you come by bus, you can get down at Karur bus stand, which is just 1 KM away from NH 44.
If you come by train, get down at Karur junction KRR. The distance between the Karur bus stand and Karur Railway station is 1 KM only.
Karur district doesn’t have an Airport. The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli Airport. It's 84Km from Karur district.


What is the Karur Pin code?

Karur Pin code is 639001. This is the pin code of the Head post office in Karur district. This head post office controls all the other post offices in Karur. There are 248 post offices in Karur and each post office has a pin code. Few post offices share the same pin code. For the complete list of Karur Pincode and post office names please check the Karur pin code list.


How many municipalities are there in Karur?

2 municipalities are in the Karur district. They are Karur municipality and Kulithalai municipality. Karur and Kulithalai are further classified as revenue divisions. And again the revenue divisions are classified as revenue taluks.

Karur division has four taluks

  1. Karur
  2. Aravakurichi
  3. Manmangalam
  4. Pugalur

Kulithalai division has 3 taluks:

  1. Kulithalai
  2. Krishnarayapuram
  3. Kadavur


How many places are there in the Karur district?

Karur district consists of the following places
Two revenue divisions: - one is Karur and another is Kulithalai.
Seven Taluks: - Karur, Aravakurichi, Manmangalam, Pugalur, Kulithalai, Krishnarayapuram, Kadavur
203 - Revenue villages.



How many rivers are there in the Karur district?

There are 5 rivers in the Karur district. They are

  1. Cauvery River
  2. Amaravathi River
  3. Kodavanar River
  4. Nanganji River
  5. Pungar River

The rivers Amaravathi and Cauvery along with their tributaries provide irrigation potential for a major portion of the district.


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